Trevor Green - Voice of the Wind

Trevor Green, Voice of The Wind

Trevor Green‘s 5th studio album “Voice of the Wind.” Cinematography & editing by Troy Page.

(2 minutes) Voice Of The Wind, Album Teaser
(7.5 minutes) Voice of the Wind, Documentary Short

In the creation of this film I spent a week with Trevor while he recorded in studio.  I lit and filmed all the audio takes and overdubs with multiple cameras.  I then interviewed and captured Trevor’s story about his family’s adventure visiting Australia and his interactions with the indigenous people.  Once I had his story captured, I then edited footage Trevor captured on his Australia trip, with the studio footage I shot.

(5 Minutes) Live Studio Recording, Voice Of The Wind

Live studio capture of Trevor Green’s title track, Voice of the Wind.

(4 Minutes) Live Studio Recording, Drift

Live studio capture of Trevor Green’s “Voice of the Wind” album song, Drift.

(4 Minutes) Live Studio Recording, Open Minds

Live studio capture of Trevor Green’s “Voice of the Wind” album song, Drift.

(4 Minutes) Crowdfunding Campaign Video

This short video was used in a successful campaign to generate enough capital to send Trevor Green and his family to Australia, the initial step in creating Trevor’s 5th studio album, “Voice of the Wind.”(1 minute)

(1 minute) Tour Highlight Video, “Human Experience”

Captured live during three shows of Trevor Green’s 2017 run opening for Michael Franti & Spearhead in North Carolina. Featuring Trevor Green’s “Voice Of The Wind” studio album song, Time Apart.