Coastal Roots Farm

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Video by Troy Page.  Having grown up on a farm myself (Kona coffee farm), I have a rough idea about how much work it takes to create a successful organic crop. I’m really impressed, not only can Coastal Roots Farm grow good wholesome food, they also practice Jewish ancestral farming techniques and give back to the community in many ways as described in the video. 

We began with collecting footage in September 2018, from the farm produce itself to school visits, festivals, donations, etc. Since CRF does so many things, the challenge was to define it all and structure it in an easy to understand fashion, that gets the message across in a relatively short amount of time. I worked with executive director Javier and communications manager Kesha in crafting this story arc.

We didn’t shoot all that many days, however each shoot was spread out over time.  Since I began collecting footage I witnessed the changes on the Farm from autumn to winter to spring and by the time we shot the final components it was summer.  It’s nice to have footage from nearly all the seasons represented.

Thank you to Colin Leibold who helped us out in a big way with his drone capture and event coverage and my brother Lance Page for teaming up with me on our first shoot in capturing the Great Outdoor Shabbat Festival.

Video is hosted on the Coastal Roots Farm website

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