Glen Ivy Hot Springs

(3.5 Minute) Glen Ivy Hot Springs, Covid-19 Protocol Video

Video illustrating the new rules and precautions designed to keep guests and staff safe at Glen Ivy Hot Springs.

Cinematography and editing by Troy Page. My first job coming out of the Covid-19 lock-down. This was a quick turn around project as it needed to be completed and approved within a week before the re-opening of the facility. Shot in 2 days and edited together in an additional two days.

The scrip development, production schedule and booking of the actors/extras were coordinated off location by Eric Warren of Rogue Design Group. On site Zack Benson (director) and myself worked closely with Glen Ivy’s marketing director in gathering all the shots needed.

Shot in RAW on the Black Magic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K rigged on a Moza-Air-2 Gimbal and EasyRig Mini-Max with Tilta wireless follow focus, Small HD 7 inch monitor, and a WiFi wireless video transmitter.

The Gimbal/EasyRig/wireless-follow-focus combination allowed me to work all day on my feet holding the camera without fatigue. I was able to quickly move from one angle to another and even help direct actors and adjust lights without having to put the camera down. The 7 inch monitor helped me with composition, focus and exposure. The director and client were able to view the live video feed on their phones via the wireless transmitter allowing them to critique details and sign off on shots. All of this made for an efficient work flow.